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Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are very popular for several reasons. They are one of the least expensive entries into the home security camera market. These cameras are also very simple to use with user friendly apps. One of the big things that separate these cameras from most others is the ability to notify you when someone is at your door so you can talk with them. We recommend these for most people as they offer the best value for your dollar to get started.

HD Security Cameras

If you want a broader coverage of your home, yard or small business you’ll want to consider a more standard type of security camera like these. HD security cameras are able to record high definition video onto a storage drive so you can retrieve it when needed. These storage drives usually offer a much larger recording space for multiple cameras giving you recordings that can be saved for longer time periods. Common systems are usually built with 4, 8 or 16 cameras but we set you up with the right amount of cameras for your needs.

Wireless/Battery Cameras

Wireless cameras that run on a battery have some great uses too! If you have some woods in your backyard these are great options to keep outside to monitor those critters. Maybe you have a shed that could use a camera in it but has no electric nearby, let us pop one of these cameras in there for you. These can also be very useful as a portable camera to use as needed around your home or business.


Hey Vince – 
We wanted to extend a quick thank you for the hard work and exceptional professionalism we receive when working with your company. Our internal Operations team members have a lot of very positive things to state about working with Upstate Tech Services. Keep it up and the work will continue to come. 
Thanks and happy Monday! 

-Al Drake
Director of Network Operations | Snap Install, Inc.

Vincent came out and obtained details for installing 9 security cameras. He gave a great quote and set a date to return to do the work. When Vincent returned he was on time, very detailed on performing his job to the upmost quality. He did a great job and was easy communicate to and work with. Took the time to clean up after himself. Great guy & Great workmanship. Will definitely recommend to others.