If you’re a homeowner working with a contractor, or a contractor working with a homeowner; schedule a free estimate to see how pre-wiring your home before it’s finished is the best time to do it.  The project begins when you start picking out your floor plan.  Have a few options you can’t decide between, but know you want the best TV viewing experience possible?  Call us and we can help figure out how each floor plan can effect the overall TV experience.  Not all rooms layouts are created equal.

After picking the floor plan we can design a tailored system to meet your needs.  Want the homes outdoor lighting to turn on when it senses you pull up?  How about a sensor to tell you when the mail has been delivered?  Maybe you want a theater room with enough bass to wake the dead?  Even if you only want a few TVs mounted in the bedrooms, this is the time to work with us to cater to your needs.

After all the pieces are picked out and the walls go up it’s time to start putting the pieces together.  This part begins with wiring all the low voltage cables from a central spot out of the way to all the devices in the different rooms.  In the central wiring location you can keep all your internet boxes, and other unsightly blinking boxes out of sight and out of mind!

Types of cables ran:

  • Coaxial TV cables
  • High-speed computer networking data cables
  • HDMI TV signal cables
  • In-wall and outdoor speaker wires
  • Security camera wires
  • WiFi access points (extenders)